My Story

Growing up I imagined my life would be the glamorous one of a Buyer for a major retailer living in NYC.  After graduating university I continued to follow that dream, working for 3 retailers in the Philadelphia region.  But working at a desk every day hunched over excel spread sheets was not making me happy.  In fact, it was depleting my energy for life and fun, and I felt I could not be myself in that setting.  I daydreamed of my ideal job; working as personal trainer! I loved hitting the gym, challenging myself on my runs, working out with friends and helping them with their form.

And then one day I stopped daydreaming, I couldn’t continue to apply to jobs that I knew I would hate.  I was going to DO IT.  Get my personal training certificate and start a new journey.  I began to imagine my life differently than I had for my whole life, and it started to become real.

My favorite aspect of being a personal trainer is helping people realize how strong they are, mentally and physically.  Everyday I get to help people feel good, crush goals and get strong.